Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty

Wrongful Convictions Violate Our Founding Principles of Justice

Our National Manager, Hannah Cox, published an article at Newsmax this week in observance of Wrongful Conviction Day.

In her latest piece, Cox points out the frequency of wrongful convictions and examines the problems in the criminal justice system that lead to them.

Some of the reasons include eyewitness misidentification, misapplication of forensic evidence, and false confessions.

Read her article here.

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Wrongful Conviction Day

Today, October 2nd, is the fifth annual observance of Wrongful Conviction Day. This is a time that the international community has set aside to raise awareness of the causes and remedies of wrongful conviction and to recognize the tremendous personal, social, and emotional costs of wrongful conviction for innocent people and their families.

At Conservatives Concerned, we know that of the thousands of wrongful convictions in the United States 163 individuals have served time on death row for a crime they did not commit. We also know that the likelihood more innocent people are still trapped on death row and may be executed is exceedingly high.

This is one of the many reasons we continue to fight for an end to the death penalty. It should surprise no conservative that a government that is incapable of balancing a budget or preventing fraud is also incapable of ensuring justice for all. Because of this, the government should never be given the power over life and death.

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