Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty

Society and the State: New Interview with CCATDP’s National Manager Hannah Cox

Our National Manager, Hannah Cox, joined Connor Boyack, President of the Libertas Institute in Utah, and his cohost Bryan Hyde on their podcast Society and the State this week.

On the episode, the three discussed the death penalty system in the US and the reasons each of them changed their stance from supporters to abolitionists.

From the show’s website: “Concern over the death penalty isn’t just limited to bleeding hearts and liberals. It’s not a matter of coddling criminals. DNA evidence and other technological advances are proving that genuinely innocent people are sitting on Death Row or have been executed. Questions about the inefficiency, inequity and inaccuracy within the justice system mean that opposition to the death penalty is finding acceptance in conservative circles as well.”

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Job Opportunity!

Are you a conservative or libertarian who is interested in advancing alternatives to capital punishment, evidence-based sentencing guidelines, and reducing the population of individuals detained and incarcerated in Utah? If so, this is a great opportunity!

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