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Freed after 38 years: A man convicted of raping & murdering 8-year-old released

The Examiner recently reported David Bryant was freed on April 13, 2013 after DNA evidence showed he was wrongfully convicted of beating, raping, and murdering an 8 year-old girl. Bryant’s case is just one more example that the judicial system is mistake-prone.

“I know I can’t get these 38 years back. But hopefully that time is worth something, and I can use that something to give back,” he added.

According to the New York Post, he tearfully said outside court: “I just wanna go to church and get on my knees and pray for my mother and father because they never believed me. I wish they were alive today so that I could tell them that I didn’t do it.”

His story is similar to hundreds of others who have been wrongfully convicted and released. How many are even less lucky? Many others remain in prison or, even worse, have been executed even though evidence has come to light casting serious doubt about their guilt.

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