Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty

The Free Market Has Spoken and It Doesn’t Want the Death Penalty

Across the country, states are facing lawsuits from drug manufacturers who do not want their product used in the execution process.

As state governments have become increasingly desperate to secure lethal injection drugs, many have attempted to shroud the process in secrecy to prevent the general public and even the suppliers from knowing what drugs are being used.

These actions not only present freedom of association issues, they are also a very clear sign that the market has spoken. The death penalty is bad for business, and manufacturers, which have often spent millions of dollars and many years to bring a medication to the market, do not want their product damaged by the country’s appalling death penalty system.

The Los Angeles Times reports, “The drugmakers’ basic argument is that they create and market their products to alleviate suffering and heal the sick. Using them to kill runs counter to their intent, stigm

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